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VMI Berto | Major S160 | Spiral Mixer With Removable Bowl 350 lb.

Perfect Mixer for artisan bakery and pastry


Offering a wide range of dough capacities, from 176 lb to 617 lb of dough, this line of removable bowl mixers is able to meet the demands of all types of production: from the small bakery, to the supermarket, up to the big industrial bakery.

Major-S line of mixers, designed with a solid structure and reduced dimensions, is suitable for the preparation of a wide variety of leavened dough products in a limited space. Furthermore, the ergonomic design with a mobile side control panel, permits an optimal use of the machine.

Each mixer can be fitted with various options such as: temperature probe, electronic control panel (ECP) and bowl drain plug. The bowl is guided by friction wheels which run along the milled border of the bowl itself, thereby increasing the grip.

The hydraulic system, used to lock the bowl and control the mixer head movements, drastically reduces the maintenance. A completely closed electrical cabinet offers good protection against flour projections and water splashes.

Major-S line of spiral mixers capable of kneading stiff dough with Minimum hydration 50% European flour thanks to its double spiral transmission.


Maximum dough capacity 350 lb.

Maximum flour capacity 220 lb.

Bowl volume 281 qt.

Spiral Arm Two speeds

Motor 5 H.P. (1st speed)

Motor 11 H.P. (2st speed)

Power Hydraulic unit motor 1 H.P.

Type 304L Stainless Steel Fixed Bowl

Reversible Bowl

Motor - Bowl 1 H.P.

Mobile bowl cover in stainless steel

Electromechanical double scale timer positioned on the right side of the mixer (left side is available upon request)

Bowl locking through hydraulic hokking device

Bowl rotation guided by rubber friction rollers

ETL Approved

Weight 2425 lb.

Min. hydration 55% European flour

Dimensions: 69"L x 52"W x 62"H

Height with head open 80"


Transparent bowl cover

Digital electronic control panel

BOWL JOG button available with optional digital control pane

Drain plug on bowl

Temperature probe PT100

Control Panel


1 STOP button

1 START button

1 BOWL JOG button available with optional digital control panel

1 cycle switch

1 bowl rotation switch

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